Preston: ‘MySpace is dead’

The Ordinary Boy says site's over - because he's on it

The Ordinary Boys’ frontman Preston has slammed Myspace and declared the influential website officially “dead”.

The singer believes it has run its course because it is no longer a hangout for music fans – because bands like his now use it to sell records.

MySpace was important with one band, Arctic Monkeys,” he told NME.COM. “Now it’s on the check list with record labels. We’ve got to do some instores, sign all these posters, give away a signed guitar and set up a MySpace account. So MySpace is already dead. It’s over.”


Preston also critcised the site after it was recently bought by media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

“It’s owned by fucking Rupert Murdoch for fuck’s sake! MySpace is a prime example of something which is cultivated in order to appear like it’s alternative when it’s nothing of the sort,” he said. “Also, what kind of person sits on the computer all day going, ‘I’ve got 12,400 friends but I’ve never met any of them’? How depressing!”

The Ordinary BoysMyspace page can be found at

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