And it's all because of an article in this week's NME...

The Ordinary Boys have angered inhabitants in their hometown of WORTHING during their feature in this week’s NME.

The article sees the band pointing out their favourite places in Brighton, which has lead Worthing locals to believe that the band are turning their backs on their heritage.

A spokesman for local station Splash FM said: “It’s disappointing they are disassociating themselves from the town where they cut their musical teeth and are turning their backs on fans locally who have supported them since they started.”


Other local legend Leo Sayer commented: “I’m a good example of someone who has had success with his home town connections.

“In my early career I was writing about myself in Shoreham, Worthing and Brighton and I happily plundered that background for lyric ideas and atmosphere.”

Frontman Preston told local newspaper The Argus he, guitarist William, bassist James Gregory and drummer Charles Stanley were “Worthing boys, born and bred”.

“James and Charlie are still in Worthing, my mum’s in Worthing. We did that piece in NME because we were asked where we like going in Brighton.

“William and me just moved there but I would hate to be thought of as a Brighton band or really as part of any scene, especially Brighton because it’s school playground rubbish. We are such Worthing boys.

He added: “NME asked us to do the story – we would have been silly not to. It’s sad it makes us look rubbish for doing that.


“Growing up in Worthing made me who I am. I would not want to be part of a Brighton scene but everyone in Worthing accepts you go to Brighton for your big night out. It is part of what makes Worthing what it is. But we could not have written the album if we were from Brighton.”

Preston is pointing out his favourite places in Worthing to The Argus today.