Preston returns to work

Ordinary Boys play full gig at ShockWaves NME Awards show

The Ordinary Boys played their first full gig since lead singer Preston’s stint on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ last night (February 16).

Playing their ShockWaves NME Awards 2006 show at the London Astoria, the band were supported by Captain, Jamie T and Lady Sovereign, as they sought to remind fans what they were known for in the first place.

Making light of his reality TV appearance, Preston introduced the band by saying “Hello I’m Preston off ‘Big Brother’” before launching into opener, and second album title track, ‘Brassbound’.


With a large number of the band’s following – the Ordinary Army –out in force, the leader singer made efforts to incorporate those fans who had become interested after his recent television antics.

“Who’s come to an Ordinary Boys gig before and who’s here for the first time?” he asked the crowd. “Well let me explain how it works for the newcomers among us. You stand there, I step up to the microphone, Will (Brown, guitarist) puts a plectrum in his hand and then you go mental!”

With the band performing tracks from their first two albums – plus a cover of The Ronettes‘Be My Baby’Preston added that he was pleased to be back onstage.

“It’s so good to be back playing guitar,” he told the crowd who moshed and crowd-surfed throughout the band’s 70 minute set. “It’s wicked!”

The Ordinary Boys played:



‘Week In Week Out’

‘Nip It in The Bud’

‘Life Will Be The Death Of Me’

‘The List Goes On’

‘We Soldier On’

‘Be My Baby’

‘Don’t Live To Fast’

‘Little Bubble’

‘Over The Counter Culture’

‘On An Island’

‘Maybe Someday’

‘Talk Talk Talk’


‘I Made Someone Cry’

‘In Awe Of The Awful’

‘Boys Will Be Boys’

Thanking the fans for sticking by him after his ‘Big Brother’ gamble, Preston summed-up the strangeness of The Ordinary Boys’ recent weeks telling the audience “We are the only band to be on the cover of NME and Hello magazine on the same day, that’s fucking mental!”

For an exclusive post-gig interview with Preston see next week’s issue of the NME, in shops nationwide from February 22.