The Ordinary Boys reveal new album plans

It might not be the news you expect

The Ordinary Boys have admitted a new album will be a long way off yet – because they are so busy.

The band say it will be a while before they get back into the studio to work on a follow-up to 2005’s ‘Brassbound’ because demand to see them is still so huge.

The grooup, NME cover stars earlier this year, saw their popularity soar after frontman Preston appeared on this year’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ reality TV show.


Guitarist Will Hodgkinson said: “We’ve got loads of dates planned. I think it’s just a case of getting into the studio, having a bit of time. We’ve been really busy. On tour you’re so busy it doesn’t feel like you get a minute to yourself.”

Preston admitted that it’s not always easy to get round to writing new songs when the band are constantly in demand. As well as a headlining UK tour in October, they will also be playing a host of summer festivals (including V and T In The Park) and support Robbie Williams on his September UK stadium dates.

He said: “You get so into touring that you forget that in order to tour you have to have a record out. Then you just write when you can, don’t you? When you get the inspiration.”

He added: “I have a massive scrapbook of little ideas and thoughts, but it’s hard to do anything really constructive. I’m usually thinking about the gig we’ve got to do. Musical riffs or whatever, we’ll put them all together and patch them all up when we get back (from touring).”

But despite their frustrations, Preston said the band are enjoying their new found status – no matter how it came about.

He revealed: “We’re getting on as we were, just a bit more purpose about us now. I think there’s something totally post-modern about the whole thing. If you say something’s post-modern you can get away with a lot more! We’ve started using po-mo for anything we do, so you can get away with doing the most ridiculous things.”