Ordinary Boys won’t make ‘Big Brother’ album

Plus put your questions to Preston and Co

The Ordinary Boys will not be basing their next album on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

Although frontman Preston has admitted that his stint in the house has given him plenty of ideas for the band’s third album, the record will not be about the reality TV show.

“Me and Will (Brown, guitarist) were saying we wanted to have a theme or something a bit clever in the next album,” Preston told NME.COM.

“I don’t think it will be ‘Big Brother’,” he added, “but I’m sure there will be something about cheating politicians in there and a song about the difference between a friendship and a relationship and the ways they cross over, but there won’t be a song directly about ‘Big Brother’ – that would be really twatty!”

Meanwhile with the band’s single ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ continuing to climb up the chart, you can put your questions to The Ordinary Boys.

NME will be catching up with the band and we want your questions for Preston and co.

Send your questions, plus your name and age, to features@nme.com with Ordinary Boys in the subject and we’ll put the best to the band.