Preston reveals all about ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

And there's a few words from Maggot too...

Preston has admitted that his bandmates in The Ordinary Boys thought he was “an idiot” for entering ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

The young Mod finished fourth in the TV contest last night (january 27), one place behind Goldie Lookin Chain rapper Maggot.

But asked whether he had let his bandmates in on the secret before going in, he told NME: “I told them, they thought I was an idiot, but I think I’ve done well, I think they’ll be eating their words.”

Maggot said the GLC crew were more accommodating: “I tipped them off, they didn’t know what I was doing. They thought I was going into rehab.”

Having become a tabloid heart-throb, Preston had been hot favourite to win the show, but lost out to non-celebrity ally Chantelle Houghton. But he said he had no regrets: “I think I done alright, Number Four’s not too bad is it? I lasted ’til the last day, and the thing about a show like this is it’s not really about whether you come first, its about how you come through the experience at the end of it, and I was alright.”

And on his bitter falling out with Respect MP George Galloway, which defined his last week in the house, Preston said: “I think he thought I was completely stupid. I respected him quite a lot when I first met him, I trusted him and I shouldn’t have trusted him as much as I did. He knew what he was doing and he knew how to manipulate. As I said in the house – and I regretted it very much after I said it but thinking back to it I think I was the right thing to say – he went in there with the aim of getting a young demographic, yet he patronised and barely spoke to the only young people in the house, and that further made me and Chantelle feel like little babies.”

And the indie favourites have not ruled out a post-‘Big Brother’ collaboration. Maggot said: “We did talk about it, but I’ll gonna have a word with the boys, I’m sure we’ll sort something out. Get Chantelle as well, get everyone involved, like Live Aid.”

The Ordinary Boys‘ re-release of ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ is expected to enter the chart inside the Top Ten tomorrow (January 29).