Indie stars rule on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Preston and Maggot both finish inside the top four!

Ordinary Boys singer Preston has come fourth in this year’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ – while GLC rapper Maggot has come third.

After three weeks in the house, both lost out in the final this evening (January 27) to ‘fake’ celebrity Chantelle Houghton.

On leaving the house Maggot looked like he didn’t expect to do so well. He revealed: “It’s not about the winning – it’s about the taking part! You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth and it was a pleasure to be in there, it really was. It lived up to my expectations and more. Everyone worked out to be quite cool at the end of the day.”

Speaking after he came out of the house Preston said he got involved because of his love for the series, saying he’d even been down to the set of the show last summer.

He said: “I knew what I was getting myself in for. The time it takes to switch off completely and not think about that people were watching it on the telly was hours.

“I’ve been able to forge relationships with people. I lost it a couple of times in there – it was people over reacting to nothing and it’s a telly show, everyone seemed really nice – but chill out for fuck’s sake. It was a bit mental.”

During his time in the house Preston became something of a heart throb – but the other members of The Ordinary Boys have already laughed off his chances with the ladies in the real world.

Bandmate William Brown believes they wouldn’t give Preston a look outside the Big Brother house.

“You know he’s not an ugly chap but at the same time there was a bit of best of a bad bunch syndrome going on in there,” explained Brown. “I think Chantelle especially was expecting to be locked-up with the blokes out of Blue and she got Michael Barrymore and Pete Burns!”

However despite dismissing his chances as a super-stud, Brown admitted that Preston has spent his time in the house well.

“I think Preston has done alright,” he said, “though one of the things I said to him before he went in was ‘Whatever you do, they’re going to make you look like a dickhead with the editing’, but I don’t think he’s done anything particularly worthy of being edited to be made to look like a fool, he’s done alright. If I was locked up with Michael Barrymore and that bird off Baywatch I’d slit my wrists to be honest.”

Brown added that he’d been surprised by the support Preston had received during his Big Brother stint, particularly from the Ordinary Army who the band worried might have disapproved of Preston being on the show.

“He has got a lot of support,” noted Brown. “Even a lot of the people I thought would be dead against it seem to be really into the idea. Obviously we were worried how it would come across and what would our fans thought of it, but as far I can tell everyone’s been really supportive. They can see that he’s not going in there to boost his own status but it was just something he wanted to do.”

Brown added that he was pleased with the additional interest in second album ‘Brassbound’ – “It’s such a ridiculous medium to put your music out to, 14.7 million a night or whatever, and you can’t really argue with it” – but admitted he was looking forward to getting going as a band again.

“We want to remind people that being a band is what we do,” declared Brown. “Did I ever think I’d be talking about Celebrity Big Brother when I started a band? No!”

Other non-music celebrities who have featured in the series included Michael Barrymore, MP George Galloway and Jodie Marsh.