Ordinary Boys sales surge

Ten times more people are buying the band's records of the back of 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Sales of The Ordinary Boys‘ albums have increased tenfold since Preston entered the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.

According to retailer HMV, sales of the group’s second album

’Brassbound’ have increased significantly over the last week.

By comparison Goldie Lookin Chain‘s ‘Safe As Fuck’ has seen a fourfold increase in sales.

Sales expert Gideon Lask said: “We sometimes wonder why any celebrity would put themselves through ‘Big Brother’, but now, I think, we have the answer. These guys have only been in the house for a few days and, while admittedly building from a relatively low sales base at this time of year, they are already seeing some benefit to their recording careers.”

For the inside story on why Preston and Maggot entered ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ be sure to pick up this week’s NME, which is out now in London and nationwide tomorrow (January 11).