The Others give away comeback album for free

The band have shared the demos for 'Songs for the Disillusioned' online

The Others have given away their third album for free.

The band – who released their self-titled debut in 2005 and its follow-up, ‘Inward Parts’, in 2006 – put their third collection of songs on Bandcamp on Christmas Eve.

A message from the band said that ‘Songs for the Disillusioned’, in demo form, was given away as a thank you to fans. They wrote:


“It was a thank you to everyone who had supported them during their first year back, whether by coming to the shows and/or buying their first single for 4 years, the double A side ‘Hardly Know Me’/’I’ll Keep You Safe’.”

Of the eight track recording, they have said: “The recording you are currently downloading/listening to has not been mastered, it has no overdubs, it’s just the sound of 4/5 people in a room playing live.”

They added: “The new album, fully polished, overdubbed and mastered, will receive a limited physical release in 2013. If you bought the single from iTunes, we will sort out an extra something special for you. Happy Xmas.”

They added that they will be spending 2013 writing their fourth album.

The Others released the single ‘Hardly Know Me’/’I’ll Keep You Safe’ in April of this year. It followed their first gig in three years, which took place in 2011 at The Lexington in London.