The band dedicate two tracks to the great man - but frontman Dominic Masters has a personal trauma to deal with too...

THE OTHERS joined the tributes to JOHN PEEL at a packed concert in LONDON last night (October 26).

Singer Dominic Masters dedicated two tracks during a 45-minute set at Cargo, to the 65-year-old who died of a heart attack while he was on holiday in Peru.

The band kicked off the show with ‘Lackey’ and ‘In The Background’.


Dominic then said to the crowd: “There has been an announcement of a death today. As you probably know John Peel has died. He has been instrumental in signing a lot of unsigned bands and we want to dedicate this song to him.”

The band then launched into ‘How I Nearly Lost You’.

During the 12-track set, The Others’ cult following, the 853 Kamikaze Stage-Diving Squad, kept security staff busy by jumping onstage and surfing the crowd on several occasions.

At the start of ’Almanac’, Dominic dived into the audience himself and started singing to his fans.

The band also dedicated a song to their cult following called ‘Community 853’, and they performed new single ‘Stan Bowles’.

Towards the end of the set, Dominic expressed his condolences to John Peel again and performed ‘DDD RIP’.


The singer then thanked the crowd and the security before he launched into the final track ‘This Is For The Poor’.

At the end the 853 invaded the stage and Dominic continued to sing the track on a fan’s shoulder.

Speaking after the show, the singer told NME.COM: “It’s been amazing tonight. We thought it was fitting for John Peel because we did two tracks in his memory. He was like a lifeline to me especially at a time when I was stuck in the middle of nowhere and there were no record shops. He introduced me to new music all the time. I am very proud that we had a chance to dedicate a song to him today. He meant a lot to us.”

The singer also made a T-shirt appeal after his striped top went missing during the gig.

“My black T-shirt with white stripes means a lot to me after two- and-a-half years of wearing it. I was shocked tonight that it’s gone. I know it might be a memento for someone and I know it might mean a lot to an Others fan but I really need that T-shirt back. It really does mean a lot to me,” he added.

The Others played:


‘In The Background’

‘How I Nearly Lost You’


‘Community 853’

‘Stan Bowles’

‘Pyscho Vision’




‘Southern Glow’

‘This Is For The Poor’

The band’s new single ‘Stan Bowles’ is out now.

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