Paddingtons guitarist suffers gruesome hand injury

Don't read this if you're even a bit squeamish

Paddingtons guitarist Marv Hines has been forced to pull out of the band’s forthcoming UK tour after he sliced through his right hand during a night out in their native Hull.

The group kick off the trek tomorrow (September 29) at Brighton Concorde II, but Hines will be unable to play after slashing his hand so badly he received plastic surgery, and may not get full feeling back for a year.

“I didn’t realise I had cut myself, but when I got to the hospital they actually showed me my hand and it was from one side of my palm to the other,” he told NME.COM. “It was just gaping and I could see the artery pumping blood out of my hand and all the tendons which had been completely cut through.”


Explaining how the injury occurred, the guitarist said: “I was out with the boys and I was stood with Tom (Atkins – singer) just pissing about and having a laugh. I had a glass in my hand and I’d drank my drink and I apparently smashed a glass into a wall and then said ‘See you in a bit’ to Tom and walked off.”

He continued: “Tom had a load of people coming up to him and saying ‘are you alright?’ because he’d just got a new suit which is worth more than my guitar and it was covered in blood. There was this trail of inch-thick blood leading around the floor so he followed it and found me.”

An ambulance was called and Hines was taken to the hospital. Despite “enjoying the benefits of the oxygen tap”, the injury was so severe, he was forced to return the next day for further medical help.

“I had to have plastic surgery on my hand,” he said. “I’ve torn an artery in my palm and torn a couple of nerves and a couple of tendons as well so they had to patch that stuff back together.

“I’ve got this thing on my wrist which I’m supposed to have on for about six weeks and then I’ll start gaining some decent control in my hand but it’ll be a year and a half until I can feel the two fingers like I’ve been able to before.”

Kill City’s guitarist Stuart Le Page will fill in for Hines on the forthcoming tour but the wounded Paddington is determined to head out on the road with the band and hopes to be back playing with the group by the end of the year.


“I’ll probably end up working on the T-shirt stall… but after all of the crazy shit that we get up to, something was bound to catch up with us,” Hines said.

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