Pigeon Detectives play San Francisco birthday gig

Matt Bowman celebrates with his 'lovers of pigeons'

The Pigeon Detectives celebrated singer Matt Bowman‘s birthday as they played their second show in San Francisco last night at Club NME at Popscene (September 11).

The five-piece rolled through over a dozen songs at the legendary Popscene nightclub.

“You are fantastic lovers of music, and you are fantastic lovers of pigeons,” lead singer Matt Bowman told the crowd, some of whom had been waiting outside the club for more than an hour.


Tracks from their newly-released US EP, ‘This Is An Emergency’, were among the best-received tracks.

At one point in the set, Bowman hung from ceiling pipes fastened above him, before jumping off the drum kit entangled in his microphone lead.

The singer’s birthday struck at midnight, and he invited fans to celebrate with him post-show.

The Pigeon Detectives played:

‘This Is An Emergency’

‘I Found Out’


‘Stop Or Go’

‘I’m Not Gonna Take This’

‘Keep On Your Dress’

‘Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye’

‘Romantic Type’

‘Say It Like You Mean It’

‘Everybody Wants Me’

‘Take Her Back’

‘You Don’t Need It’

‘Wait For Me’

‘I’m Not Sorry’