Pigeon Detectives: ‘We want to be as big as The Beatles’

Leeds band aim for big league as they rush to record second album

The Pigeon Detectives have revealed that, despite having only released their debut album, ‘Wait For Me’, five months ago, they will start recording their second in a few months time.

The band explained that they have written most of their second record and will hit the studio in January.

They are currently aiming to release the album on May 29 – exactly one year to the day after their debut came out.

Drummer Jimmi Naylor told NME.COM that the band have 13 songs written or part-written, and that they are considering recording the album with producer Stephen Street, who produced a re-recording of their forthcoming single, ‘I Found Out’.

“That’s the plan – no pissing about,” Naylor explained. “It’s not a million miles away from the usual Pigeon Detectives sound, but on these new songs we sound a bit more mature. It’s still no frills stuff though – we’re not going to be playing any wanky two-minute solos. Still, it’ll be a little different, I think some people are going to be surprised.”

The drummer explained that they expect their next record will propel them into the big league.

“We want a Number One album and we want to headline a festival next summer,” he declared. “I suppose we want to be as big as The Beatles. Why settle for second best?”

He added: “We’ve got one song called ‘I’m A Liar’ and another called ‘Emergency’ – they’re the two that stick out as possible singles. When we played ‘I’m A Liar’ for the first time in rehearsal it was one of those moments when you think ‘this could be really great’.”