Johnny Depp: ‘Shane MacGowan is one of the most important poets of the 20th century’

Hollywood actor also discusses his brushes with Oasis and The Rolling Stones in new interview

Johnny Depp has said that he considers Shane MacGowan of The Pogues to be “one of the most important poets of the 20th century”.

Depp made the comments in a new interview with BBC 6Music in which he discussed his relationship with music and how it has fed into the films he has made. MacGowan came in for specific praise after working with Depp on the soundtrack to his new film The Lone Ranger.

“Shane MacGowan is unpredictable. He’s definitely not boring. He’s a magnificent man and species. He’s a special being,” Depp told host Matt Everitt. He added: “To me, one of the most important poets of the 20th century.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Depp spoke about recording ‘Be Here Now’ with Oasis as well as his friendship with Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. Labelling his time with Oasis as “high velocity,” Depp explained: “Noel and I recorded most of that stuff on an island in Mustique. It wasn’t a bad way to record.” However, one band who did not call on the Pirates Of The Carribean actor was The Rolling Stones: “I wasn’t asked to perform at their recent shows, no. It’s one of those things, I wouldn’t expect an invitation to go and perform with The Rolling Stones. Even the idea of it would make me melt. I’d crumble.”

Earlier this year Johnny Depp hinted that he is “not too far away” from quitting acting. The star said that he wouldn’t be abandoning his career “immediately” but was interested in trying “quieter” things.

Depp’s latest film The Lone Ranger opens in UK cinemas on Friday (August 9) but it’s already flopped in the US, where it came out earlier this month (July). He’s currently filming sci-fi flick Transcendence in LA with Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy.