Shane MacGowan to grow his own vegetables on reality TV programme

'Victoria and Shane Grow Their Own' is a homage to 'The Good Life'

Shane MacGowan is set to appear in a reality TV programme about growing vegetables.

The Pogues‘ frontman and his girlfriend Victoria Mary Clarke both take part in the RTÉ One programme, which is called ‘Victoria and Shane Grow Their Own’.

In the show, the pair attempt to emulate the plot of ’70s sitcom ‘The Good Life’, which saw characters Tom and Barbara Good attempt to live a sustainable life by growing their own veg and rearing their own animals for food.

However, with Clarke not well versed in gardening and MacGowan apparently providing little help, the couple initially struggle with the concept, according to Spinner.

‘Victoria and Shane Grow Their Own’ is due to be broadcast on RTÉ One on December 8 at 10:15pm.