Pogues fan seeks Libertines fan who saved his life

Andrew Plank was revived by a crowd member following a heart attack at Hyde Park show

A man who suffered a heart attack during The Pogues‘ support set for The Libertines at British Summer Time in Hyde Park on Saturday (July 5) is looking for the audience member who saved his life.

Andrew Plank suffered a heart attack during The Pogues’ set, but was saved by a stranger in the audience who performed CPR and alerted paramedics. The band stopped their set to tell the crowd to let paramedics through and the 46-year-old was revived with a defibrillator. He is now recovering in Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital in Westminster, London.

Plank’s nephew-in-law Lloyd Smith told The Irish Post that the family has the stranger to thank for saving Plank’s life.


Smith said: “From what we’ve been told by the hospital, there was a stranger in the crowd who performed CPR for 10 minutes and it’s down to the fact that he performed CPR that we’ve still got my wife’s uncle. His heart stopped for those 10 minutes but thanks to this bloke, the paramedics were able to revive him.”

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He added: “When you hear the day-to-day horror stories in the news, it’s just wonderful to know that there are people out there who care about their fellow human beings and we’d just like to thank them and let them know that they are a special person and appreciated by our whole family.”

On waking, Plank did not remember collapsing, but was instead concerned for the whereabouts of his favourite Pogues T-shirt. “He’s a long-time fan of The Pogues,” said Smith. “When he woke up, he asked where his T-shirt was and the paramedics had cut it off. It’s his favourite T-shirt and he was more angry about losing his favourite Pogues T-shirt than anything!”

Following The Pogues’ performance, The Libertines’ set was halted twice due to crushing in the crowd. According to reports, up to 30 people were left with minor injuries as a result of the squeeze, and 10 were taken to hospital.

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