Police drummer bashes second reunion gig

Stewart Copeland calls Vancouver show 'lame'

The Police‘s drummer Stewart Copeland has blasted his band’s second reunion performance in Vancouver, calling it “unbelievably lame” and admitting that the trio were “totally at sea.”

In a posting on his blog, Copeland detailed how the May 28 gig went awry from the very first song.

He wrote: “The audience is screaming with anticipation as I collect myself in the dark and start to warm, up the gong with a few gentle taps. But I’m overdoing it. It’s resonating and reaching it’s crescendo before the stage has fully reached its position. Sort of like a premature ejaculation.”

Copeland continued, saying that what was meant to be a “big pompous opening” ended up as a “damp squib.”

The drummer also said that frontman Sting‘s footwork made him look like a “petulant pansy.”

In the end, Copeland waxed philosophical, saying, “Screw it, it’s only music. What are you gonna do? But maybe it’s time to get out of Vancouver…”

The Police are set to play their next show tomorrow (June 2) in Edmonton, AB.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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