The Police row over music

Sting and Stewart Copeland admit to coming to blows

The Police have revealed they still have big fights on their current world tour.

Frontman Sting and drummer Stewart Copeland admit they often fight during rehearsals, but always make up before they go on stage.

The band split in 1986 and have reunited for a one-off tour, but drummer Copeland says the rehearsals are often spoilt by a series of arguments, reports Yahoo News.

“There were fights and there still are. Verbal, they were never physical. These days we’re on a three or four-day cycle,” he explained.

He added: “We’re playing nicely, then the little rubs and grinds start, you know – ‘Stewart, don’t play that’. Sting, I wanna. Then, ‘Nyanyanyannnnnn…, you fucking…!’ Stomp off. Errrrrrgh!

“It drives me nuts I’m thinking, I don’t need this, I’m not going to put up with this.

“Then a little later it’s Sting? ‘Stewart?’ You know I love you. ‘You know I love you too.’ Two grown men kissing and hugging tearfully. After that we’re on our best behaviour until he starts. And I start.”

The band will hit the UK for the following sold-out dates:

Birmingham National Indoor Arena (September 4)

London Twickenham Stadium (8,9)

Manchester MEN Arena (15)

Cardiff Millennium Stadium (19)