The Police amazed by reaction to comeback tour

The band say it's 'beyond what we hoped'

The Police‘s current comeback tour has overcome a difficult start to go “possibly beyond what we hoped”, according to guitarist Andy Summers.

The trio of Summers, singer-bassist Sting and drummer Stewart Copeland are touring together for the first time in 23 years, and is tipped to be the biggest grossing tour in the world this year. And Summers, 64, admits the band can’t quite believe the response to their return.

He told JAM! Music: “We’re just having one knockout show after another. We keep thinking we’ve done the best show we’ll ever do and then somehow we do another one that we seem to have upped the ante.

“We’ve become very sure of the material and onstage now it’s just gotten faster, looser and funnier. There’s a lot of humour and antics now. I mean, we’re sort of loosening up with it. I think (in) our little mini-universe, we’re very sure of where we are now.”

He added: “The tour just sort of exploded, so it’s actually gone possibly beyond what we hoped. In reality, that seems to be fulfilling the mythology.”

The tour got off to a trick start when Copeland called Sting “a petulant pansy” and said “Andy is in Idaho” on a blog following the opening Vancouver shows in May.

Summers admitted: “We sort of passed through that and sort of laughed about it in the end. You know, it’s an idle moment in your hotel bedroom that went sort of wrong, not because necessarily of Stewart‘s warped sense of humour, but because the media pick it up and turn it into a negative.

“That’s why we end up hating the media, ’cause it’s such bullshit. It’s got nothing to do with reality or the band. It wasn’t the greatest move, but anyway, there you go.”

The Police‘s sold-out UK shows kick off on September 4 at Birmingham National Indoor Arena. The band will also play dates in London, Manchester and Cardiff.