The Police play final ever gig?

'It's a triumph we haven't strangled each other' jokes Sting

The Police have played what is believed to be their last ever gig.

The band concluded their reunion tour at New York‘s Madison Square Garden last night (August 7) and there are currently no plans for the three-piece to continue.

Speaking from the stage, frontman Sting thanked his bandmates for “musicianship, companionship and understanding”, though then joked “The real triumph of this tour is that we haven’t strangled each other. Not to say it hasn’t crossed my mind – or Andy‘s[Summers] or Stewart‘s [Copeland].”

With a set including Jimi Hendrix‘s ‘Purple Haze’ and Cream‘s ‘Sunshine of Your Love’, the show also included the bizarre sight of Sting having his beard shaved off onstage by a female stylist, reports BBC News.

He was then kissed by drummer Copeland. The band left the stage to the Porky Pig cartoon theme ‘That’s All Folks’.

The Police originally split in 1984. Since they reunited last year they are estimated to estimated to have played to three million people, earning around £181 million.