And they've got some fancy new robes for the occasion...

THE POLYPHONIC SPREE debuted their new album tonight (July 4) by going back to their roots for a tiny show in LONDON.

Returning to the Camden Barfly – the scene of their first ever UK show two years ago – the Texan choral collective donned their new multi-coloured robes and wowed 200 lucky fans who got tickets for tonight’s comeback.

It was the first chance UK fans have had to hear songs from second album ‘Together We’re Heavy’, out July 12.

After the show, band leader Tim DeLaughter told NME.COM: “It’s good to be back here. The first time we played here in London was in this room so it’s kinda good to get back in there and play in front of our fans. We’ve just been on tour with David Bowie so it’s nice to play in front of people who are there to see us.”

‘Together We’re Heavy’ has been long-delayed while the band sought a new record deal after splitting with 679. Unable to agree satisfactory terms with a major label, the Spree are pressing ahead and releasing the album on their own Good Records imprint.

DeLaughter said: “We always knew it was gonna happen, it was just a matter of getting there, we didn’t know how we were gonna get there. But we finally did it, the record’s coming out on July 12 and, damn, we’re just excited to be playing these songs and turning people on. We don’t have the inflated budget anymore, so it’s a big deal to get us here. So I’m just pleased that everything came together and we were able to make it happen.

“It’s just like starting the band, no-one said a band like this could flourish ‘cos it’s so large and really difficult. But it’s doing it, and now it’s on an independent label. So it’s pretty cool, and if it works out it works even better. It makes us big in the pockets if it works out!”

Tim also told NME.COM that the band had unwittingly found themselves part of the summer of Shroomadelica: “We’re all just pretty high on being back here. And it doesn’t help that they sell the (magic) mushrooms right around our hotel here, that’s like a big deal these days. We have one show to go, but it’s constantly tempting!”

Tonight’s setlist was:

’We Sound Amazed’

’It’s The Sun’

’Hold Me Now’

’Hanging Around’

’2000 Places’

’One Man Show’


’When The Fool Becomes A King’

’Together We’re Heavy’

’Soldier Girl’

’Light and Day’

The Polyphonic Spreeplay London Shepherd’s Bush Empire tomorrow (July 5).