Tim DeLaughter gives NME.COM an exclusive playback of the long-awaited 'Together We're Heavy'...

Polyphonic Spree’s TIM DELAUGHTER has given NME.COM an exclusive first listen of the band’s “unparalleled” and “epic” second album ’TOGETHER WE’RE HEAVY’.

DeLaughter was recently in London to meet with a trio of major labels following the Polyphonic Spree’s split with former label 679 last year. It’s likely a deal will be done in the coming weeks, and ‘Together We’re Heavy’ will be out in May.

Tim met NME.COM and played us a “99% complete” version of the album. Dancing around the room and singing along, he played us ten songs: ‘Section 11’, ‘We Sound Amazed’, ‘And There They Go’, ‘Diamonds’, ‘Two Thousand Places’, ‘Ensure Your Reservation’, ‘One Man Show’, ‘When The Fool Becomes A King’, ‘This Day This Time’ and ‘Drone’.

Even compared to debut album ‘The Beginning Stages Of…’, ‘Together We’re Heavy’ is a huge, orchestral record with each song flowing into the next like a Disney score.

Over 60 minutes the album builds and builds to the climatic ‘When The Fool Becomes A King’, which lasts 12 minutes and has at least four separate parts.

Other highlights include the ‘Sgt. Pepper’-like ‘And There They Go’ and ‘This Day This Time’, an acoustic ballad.

“It’s like the earth giving birth and more epic than Death Valley – that’s my opinion of this record,” Tim told NME.COM after the playback.

“We’ve only just come up with that sequence. I only got to hear it for the first time yesterday.

“I’m proud of it in a lot of ways. This is something I’ve been thinking about for many many years. I’m extremely proud that we have a 25-piece band that is valid, I’m proud that we’re getting closer and closer to a sound that’s non-existent.

“There’s a spirit going on in this music that is unparalleled in comparison to what else is going on. I’m getting closer to my idea, and I’m proud of that. There’s a lot to be proud about. We deserve a record like this.”

Tim said that he sees ‘Together We’re Heavy’ as the first proper Polyphonic Spree album, because it’s the first time he’s been allowed the time and space in the studio to work on the songs.

He continued: “In my opinion (this is the first album). ‘The Beginning Stages Of…’ was recorded as a demo, man. It was never meant to be a record. It was a stepping stone for us.”

A number of the songs have been played live in recent months, and one of those, ‘Two Thousand Places’ is set to be the first single, released in spring.