The band cause chaos in Texas in a "harrowing" day...

Polyphonic Spree have revealed how they found themselves at the centre of a bomb alert.

A terminal area and five gates were shut down at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in Texas after fears that an explosive was being carried in the luggage of percussionist Brian Teasley.

A bomb disposal robot was deployed to remove his suitcase and after a water cannon was used to open it, bomb experts found a custom-made Copperphone.

The luggage was destroyed but according to Teasley, he was apprehended by armed government agents when he arrived home.

The Texan percussionist told Billboard: “All of a sudden, these cars block me in my driveway. They’ve all got tinted windows, ‘X-Files’ style.

“Then here comes one guy with a bullet-proof vest on, another with a gun showing. It was a very harrowing day.”

Despite the airport drama, Teasley said that his microphone is still in working order.