'Together We're Heavy' will be with us shortly...

Polyphonic Spree have confirmed the US release date for their second album ’TOGETHER WE’RE HEAVY’.

As previously reported on NME.COM,

Polyphonic Spree’s new album, ‘Together We’re Heavy’, is recorded and ready for release. The band are expected to sign a new UK record deal shortly, after which the follow up to 2002’s ‘The Beginning Stages Of…’ will be released.

In the US, the album will come out on July 13, and the group will tour in support of David Bowie, starting next week. In addition, the group will perform on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno on April 21.

The tracklisting for the album runs:

Section 11 (‘A Long Day Continues/We Sound Amazed’)

Section 12 (‘Hold Me Now’)

Section 13 (‘Diamonds/Mild Devotion To Majesty’)

Section 14 (‘Two Thousand Places’)

Section 15 (‘Ensure Your Reservation’)

Section 16 (‘One Man Show’)

Section 17 (‘Suitcase Calling’)

Section 18 (‘Everything Starts At The Seam’)

Section 19 (‘When The Fool Becomes A King’)

Section 20 (‘Together We’re Heavy’)