We can confirm it exists - and we've also got Liam Howlett talking all about the band's first LP in seven years...

NME.COM has heard the first fruits of the long-awaited Prodigy album.

The Prodigy have not made a studio album since 1997’s ‘The Fat Of The Land’, though mainman Liam Howlett released the mix record ‘The Dirtchamber Sessions Vol. 1’ in 1999, and the single ‘Baby’s Got A Temper’ emerged in 2002.

However, ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’ is now almost finished, and scheduled for a release in August this year.


NME.COM were invited to an exclusive showcase of a sample of the album last week in London. Clips of six songs were played, ’Girlz’, ’Get Up Get Off’, ’Wake Up’, ’Ice’, ’’ and ’Hotride’.

The new material NME.COM heard was almost industrial in sound, and a marked difference to ’Baby’s Got A Temper’.

Speaking to unofficial fansite [url=]nekozine.co.uk, Howlett said: “We got 11 possibly 12 fist in the air tracks . It sounds sinister, electronic, trashy, sexy and fresh to my ears.”

He added: “This album is about reminding people what the Prodigy was always about – the beats and the music. The vocals on this record are mostly used as an extension of the sound rather than the main focal point.

like ‘Jilted’ (1994’s ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’) , Keith (Flint) and Maxim weren’t involved musically and they are not on this album. ALL three of us will be together to do what we do and play this record live and rock it later in the year, we can’t fuckin’ wait!

“You will probably begin to hear stuff early summer and the new album will hit in August. “


As reported last week, Juliette Lewis appears on one song on the album.

The star, famous for her roles in the movies ’Natural Born Killers’ and ‘Cape Fear’, has collaborated with Liam Howlett on an untitled track.

Lewis is in her own band called The Licks. Speaking about her experiences in music, she said: “Music has always been an integral part of my life and art for obvious reasons and some not so obvious reasons. I’ve used music to inspire emotion in all my film roles. “

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