The second day of Coachella has sets from Oasis, The Strokes and Foo Fighters...

Prodigy’s return to the US stage after a five-year absence proved the biggest draw on the final day of California’s COACHELLA FESTIVAL.

The group, who performed an evening set composed mainly of hits including ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Poison’ drew mixed reviews from the day’s revellers. It took a while for the estimated 30,000 strong crowd to warm to the group who began their performance with a number of new tracks.

Frontman Maxim Reality seemed frustrated with the lack of response querying “Where the fuck are we? Are we on the West Coast or the East Coast? Where the fuck are we? I didn’t come to fuck about.”


About a third of the crowd left following the Prodigy, right before Oasis took to the stage for a typical festival set. The quintet dodged audience requests for Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, and instead performed fan-favourites ‘Supersonic’, ‘Acquiesce’ and ‘Go Let It Out’.

They also played four new songs from ‘Heathen Chemistry’ – current single ‘The Hindu Times’, Force Of Nature’, ‘Hung In A Bad Place’ and the Liam Gallagher penned ‘Better Man’. The Charlatans, who

performed Saturday, and Sean Lennon stayed around to watch the Manchester outfit close the day.

Several other celebrities showed up for Coachella’s final day including Robbie Williams, Christina Ricci, Cameron Diaz, [/a]’s daughter Kelly and ‘High Fidelity’ actor Jack Black who made a special appearance with his band Tenacious D before the Foo Fighters took the stage.

Perry Farrell, who headlined Coachella with his band [a] last year, showed up for a surprise DJ set.

The Strokes were the hottest act of the afternoon, performing three new songs on the main stage to about 20,000 fans. One new song, with the title That’s Not Your Fault’ was a highlight, with eyewitnesses claiming it to be as good as the material on their classic debut ‘Is This It’. The New York group were also watched by several fellow festival acts including Belle And Sebastian and Elbow.