'Baby's Got A Temper' is tipped to be released in the summer...

Prodigy’s comeback single is likely to be titled ‘BABY’S GOT A TEMPER’ and will be released in summer, according to US reports.

The song, which features a vocal part from Keith Flint, will be released in July, followed by another single later in the year, most likely titled ‘Nuclear’, according to Rolling Stone in the US.

Speaking about the new album, tentatively titled ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’, songwriter Liam Howlett said the songs have less focus on samples.


He commented: “There are two main differences on this new record. I haven’t used my record collection as a source of sounds and samples, and I’ve tried to bring in other musicians and play a lot of instruments myself.”

“The lyrics on the last album didn’t have much of a direction. This time the lyrics and the music have more of an equal role. We’ve come from a dance scene where lyrics aren’t very important. We’ve really tried on this record to make and ask ourselves what we’re about.”

A UK spokesperson for the group told NME.COM that final details regarding a new, untitled single, will be confirmed in the coming weeks.