The Prodigy: ‘Going onstage is like going into battle’

The Prodigy go on tour in May and headline Isle Of Wight Festival on June 12

The Prodigy have spoken about their notorious live shows, with Keith Flint telling NME how “going onstage is like going into battle”.

In a new video interview, which you can watch above, Flint says: “We’re not there to look good. We’re there to sound good. We don’t want lighters in the air, we want a crowd that’s absolutely pumping.”

“Our music has one purpose and that’s to take it to the stage,” continues Liam Howlett.


“We’re not writing to fit into a radio station’s criteria. We’re only interested in writing good tunes with the sound we’ve carved out over the last 20 years.”

“Going onstage is like going into battle,” says Flint. “You’re ultimately there to win. It’s driven and fuelled by passion and a desire to do it. If you’re onstage thinking about what you’re going to eat when you get offstage, it’s time to finish.”

The Prodigy recently released their sixth studio album, ‘The Day Is My Enemy’. The album became the band’s sixth consecutive Number One.

The album’s cover art features an image of a large red fox, which the band recently projected onto a series of London landmarks including The Houses of Parliament. Howlett explained to NME the meaning behind the image.

“I’d come out the studio at four in the morning and this fox would cross my path. It got me thinking on the way home, he was basically like us. He’s doing things his way and on his own terms. I guess he’s kind of a rebel in his own way. The fox, if people look at the cover, he’s sitting in America. The buildings are in America. We like the confusion of that. He’s sitting there but he shouldn’t be there. And that kind of represents the band, you know.”

The Prodigy are joint headliners of Isle Of Wight Festival on June 12 alongside The Black Keys. They also tour in May.


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