MC Maxim confirms that new album is on the way...

Prodigy’s MC Maxim has confirmed that the group are working on new material with a possible release next year.

“We have been in the studio for the past couple of weeks,” reported Maxim. “We have just been laying down a few rough tunes and laying down a few rough vocals.”

When pushed for details of how tracks were shaping up or a release date, he said, “Your guess is as good as mine – some time next year, probably. We have all been doing our own stuff for the past few months so it’s just good being back in the same room as everyone.”


The news will allay fans’ fears that, as the Prodigy themselves had claimed, the band’s most recent album, ‘The Fat Of The Land’ was to be their last.

The four members have all been working on various side projects. Liam Howlett has been touring as a DJ, releasing a mix LP earlier this year on XL Recordings. Keith Flint has been racing super bikes around the globe, while Leroy has been involved with the production of a football TV show which he will host. Maxim has been working on solo material. His single ‘My Web’ was released last Monday (August 9), also through XL Recordings. An CD is slated for spring 2000.