Liam Howlett on the still-shaky prospects of another Prodigy album...

Prodigy’s LIAM HOWLETT has fuelled further speculation that there won’t be another Prodigy album. It was widely reported earlier this year that the band intended to make ‘The Fat Of The Land’ their last album. Speaking to NME, Liam refused to clarify one way or another whether or not the band would definitely make another album.

“Until I get back into the studio and create something which I feel is worthy of taking to another stage, that has to be it,” he said. “I still feel like, at any point, we could turn around and say, ‘That’s it’. We have to be like that, we can’t go on for the sake of it.”

He also told us that he actually thought about knocking it on the head from the start.


“It’s always been in the air from Day One,” he told NME‘s STEPHEN DALTON. “When I did ‘Charly’ I thought I wouldn’t even do an album. But once we’d reached that stage it was ‘Am I going to record another album?’ Then once I’d done ‘Jilted Generation’ I though that was the last album, until I recorded ‘Firestarter’. It’s just a matter of getting back in the studio and seeing what happens. I really don’t think that long ahead.”

Liam also spoke about his next door neighbour KEITH FLINT‘s new-found love of gardening with a chainsaw and the silly offers coming from advertising, TV and movies.

“Every major film that comes out in America wants Prodigy in it,” he said. “They all want that ‘Breathe’ sound for their fucking crap $200 million special effects film…”

Read the full interview in NME dated January 2, on sale across the UK on December 30.

Is he just trying to scare us or is her serious? Should the Prodge quit while they’re ahead? Have your say. Post a message on Angst!

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