Leeroy Thornhill tells how the band nearly split, but that they're now back in the studio...

THE PRODIGY have finally started work on the follow-up to their 1997 LP ‘THE FAT OF THE LAND’, can exclusively reveal.

The four members of the band met up on New Year’s Eve and decided to aim to be back on the road by the end of summer with at least five new songs in their live set.

Since that meeting, Liam Howlett and Keith Flint have been working together again.


Liam’s done one or two tracks,” revealed Leeroy Thornhill. “He’s finished one but he’s got a couple of ideas.

“I left England on the 3rd of January (to go on holiday in Australia) and he and Keith were getting into the studio, buzzing about a couple of things. Hopefully by the time I’ll get back they’ll be finished.”

Thornhill said the band wouldn’t be playing the summer’s festival circuit because they felt their set had become “stale”.

“At the moment it’s like, ‘Okay, we need four or five tunes and then bang!, just come back.’ Even if they’re not complete, just get the ideas in the set and then we’ll start shaking them and arranging them once we’ve got the ideas,” he said.

Thornhill added that The Prodigy’s extended break had been essential to the survival of the outfit. “We got the point where we weren’t 100 per cent satisfied on stage any more because we’d toured that album such a long time,” he explained. “I can remember doing ‘Funky Shit’ at Glastonbury in ’95. Although it wasn’t the whole album, that’s when it started for us and that’s over five years ago.

“It’s stale for us now so it needs that type of freshen up. We were on the road for eight years and, you know, Maxim’s going to have a baby, I’m getting married. So, you know, we’ve been taking some time out. We’re not kids any more.”