The star says the follow up to 'The Fat Of The Land' will be with us soon - and the band are anxious to take to the road again...

Maxim has been talking to about the work-in-progress Prodigy album. The Prodigy have released no material since their ‘THE FAT OF THE LAND’ album in June 1997.

“We’re still tinkering around with stuff,” explained the rapper. “There’s a couple of tracks done already, but it’s still early days. When you’re writing an album, obviously there’s a lot of people out there wondering what the Prodigy are going to come out with next. It’s not something to be rushed. You want to wait until you’ve got your creativity at its peak.”

However, despite this, Maxim was able to confidently predict that we will see a new Prodigy album. Which is tentatively titled ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’, within the next year. “The thing with an album, you might write three tunes in a month, or you might not write a tune in six months,” he said. “You can’t really put a timescale on it. So, obviously people are asking: ‘When’s the new Prodigy album?’ Hopefully it’ll be out around the middle of next year – for the end of the summer.”

Maxim also revealed that the Prodigy touring machine would be back in action sooner rather than later. “We want to be touring next year, y’know?” he enthused. “We want to get out as soon as we get a decent amount of tunes together – and I speak for Keith on that one as well. I love the whole group thing of touring. I love it when we’re going to the airport together, going to the gig together, being at the gig together. It’s not just about being on stage – it’s about all the rest of the stuff that goes with it. It’s like an adopted family, y’know?”

Maxim releases his debut solo album ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ through XL on October 2nd.