The Prodigy and Sleaford Mods record new track ‘Ibiza’

The band took to Instagram to announce the collaboration

The Prodigy have revealed that they have collaborated with Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods on a song from their forthcoming album.

Taking to Instagram, the band posted a split photo of the two groups, with a caption reading “Just finished a collaboration with the sleaford mods for our album called ‘ibiza’…., Its fukin deadly ! #theprodigy , #sleafordmods , #youaintreadyforthisshit”

The Prodigy’s as-yet-untitled new record will be the Braintree band’s sixth studio LP following 2009 album ‘Invaders Must Die’.

No concrete details have been released regarding the album, but singer Liam Howlett recently said the album would be more “violent-sounding” than their previous material. “It’s more violent-sounding; it feels wilder. It’s not so much old school. It’s neither guitar-based not synth-based; it’s kind of a mixture,” he said. “It doesn’t feel so radio-friendly to me; it feels like it’s got a lot of edge.”

The band have also confirmed that the record will be released at some point in 2014.

Sleaford Mods’ latest album ‘Divide And Exit’ was released this April.