The Prodigy reveal plans to stop releasing albums: ‘It bores the shit out of us’

Band speak to NME in new video interview - watch

The Prodigy have suggested that they may never release another full-length album.

The band issued their sixth studio release, ‘The Day Is My Enemy’, in March with the record going on to become their sixth consecutive Number One.

Despite their continued success, the group recently claimed that their 25 year-strong career could be drawing to a close, discussing the possibility of retirement for the first time.


Now, the trio have explained their dissatisfaction with the traditional album format, stating that they’d rather release music more quickly.

Songwriter Liam Howlett told NME in a new video interview: “We want to get to the point where we release EPs instead of albums. We’re not really bothered about releasing albums any more. It just bores the shit out of me. The whole process just takes too long.

“If we can just get a couple of EPs written then we can get them out more quickly and it’s better for everyone… time has changed, you know what I mean?”

Bandmate Maxim agreed and stated: “Album cycles take like five years. The fans are hungry, we’re hungry for music. It’s good for inspiration all round to keep the music going and keep putting things out.”

NMEAndy Hughes/NME

Howlett also revealed that the band are working on new music already. He confirmed: “I’m already working on new tunes. I’m always writing beats. That’s just what I like doing. So if I got any spare time, I’ll just write a couple of things. But there’s no finished tracks or anything.”

Watch the interview in full above.


“I think that the band’s gonna come to an end at some point,” vocalist Keith Flint told NME earlier this year. “And it’s got to be soon. It will end before we want it to because of the realities of age.” Speaking of their advancing ages (the group are all in their forties), Howlett added: “There comes a point where you don’t want to be Uncle Alan at the wedding reception.”

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