Prodigy ‘take over’ Pigeon Detectives’ area at V Festival

Liam Howlett's mass entourage runs rampage at Chelmsford

The Prodigy‘s Liam Howlett has told NME.COM how his entourage ended up raiding The Pigeon Detectives‘ rider at V Festival – while the Leeds band were onstage.

The band are all Essex boys, so had a lot of friends and family with them when they played the Chelmsford leg.

In a video interview – which you can watch below – Howlett said:


“I arrived with a bit of an entourage because we’re from Chelmsford, with about 300 family members… It made me laugh because we had our area which was pretty big, and then we sort of took over The Pigeon Detectives‘ area too.

“I saw one of my people coming out of their changing room saying ‘Anyone want coffee?!’ We just zipped in their changing room and took all their shit while they were onstage!”

Howlett, speaking with bandmate Maxim, also revealed that the band were close to completing their new “tough” album.

Watch the video here:

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