The Prodigy share message on mental health: “Please do not suffer in silence”

"The Prodigy fully support the campaign to improve mental health for all and give it the respect it deserves"

The Prodigy have shared a message calling for fans to be more open and seek help for mental health, following the passing of frontman Keith Flint.

Flint was found dead at his Essex home back in March. An inquest into the cause of his death confirmed that the incident was not being treated as suspicious and that he took his own life. Thousands of fans lined the streets of Essex to pay tribute to the frontman during his funeral procession.

“It has been a tough time for everyone over the last few weeks since Keef’s passing,” the band wrote on Instagram. “If you are struggling with depression, addiction or the impact of suicide, please do not suffer in silence.

“The Prodigy fully support the campaign to improve mental health for all and give it the respect it deserves. For professional advice in the UK please visit

“For local services around the world, please seek help here.”

The weekend saw the cancellation of a tribute set for Flint, which was scheduled for Glastonbury 2019, out of respect.

Former touring guitarist Gizz Butt – real name Graham Butt – said that he has shelved the show. “I’m sorry to say this but I’m going to pull out of DJ’ing the Keith Flint appreciation hour,” he posted on Facebook. “People are seeing it as an act of self-promotion and I never wanted that. Also, it’s getting so big with the press and I don’t feel worthy of it.”

He continued: “My reason for standing down isn’t anything to do with internet trolls. It’s due to the reason that it’s messing with the heads of some people that are closest to Keith and it’s causing upset and I never intended for that to happen.

“The last thing I want to do is cause upset and create bad karma, especially with people that are the most important people involved, that are grieving and will be for a long time.”

Meanwhile, thousands of fans recently signed a petition calling for a statue of the late Prodigy frontman to be erected in the Essex town of Braintree, where the band formed in 1990.

For help and advice on mental health visit: