New Raconteurs album: the reactions in the shops

Find out how 'The Consolers Of The Lonely' has gone down on shop level

Fans heading to the shops today (March 25) to by ‘The Consolers Of The Lonely’, the new album from The Raconteurs, have been giving their reactions to the event of the release and the album itself to NME.COM.

Staff at HMV in London’s Covent Garden told NME.COM that the album has been a big seller today, despite the fact that its release was only announced last week (March 17).

“The album has been fantastic since it hit the shelves and people seem genuinely surprised that the band actually have an album out,” said one shop supervisor. “But it has got great reviews, so that could explain its success so far.”

Fan Leah Boyd, however, explained that she didn’t even know the album had been released before she saw it in the shop and bought it. “I had the last album and I loved it,” she said. “I don’t know what to expect with this one as I only just found out about it.”

Another fan who had just bought the album, James Ranyard, said: “I’m a really big fan of The Raconteurs. However, I’m not sure what my feeling are about the quick release of the album. Maybe it’s just a publicity stunt, but I am intrigued.”

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