The Raconteurs’ new album makes into shops on time

'Consolers Of The Lonely' is well-stocked to combat the rush

Concerns that The Raconteurs‘ new album, ‘Consolers Of The Lonely’, would not be sufficiently stocked in record shops have proved false.

The band have rush-released their new album today (March 25), only announcing its release, title and tracklisting last week.

However despite the band warning that the physical copies may have to “catch up”, high street shops seem to be meeting the demand for the album, despite the sudden nature of the album’s release.

HMV Head of Music Rudy Osorio said: “Not all retailers are going to be able to turn their orders around in time, but we’ll have plenty of stock in, and we’ll be ready for the fans rushing in to buy their copy.

“Even though this album has had no build up whatsoever, and is coming out on a Tuesday – so it won’t enjoy a full week of sales – the devoted nature of the band’s fanbase means it’s going to be a big seller for us, with every chance of it making the top three.”

He added: “It’s quite a clever stroke by the band, as it’s got everyone talking about the release, while it also underlines that it’s their relationship with the fans that matters most.”

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