Jack White’s new band feel the pressure

The Raconteurs realise they'd better be good

Jack White’s new band The Raconteurs have likened themselves to cult heroes Big Star – but for the wrong reasons!

The – band, featuring White, Brendan Benson and The GreenhornesJack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler – release their debut album ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’ on May 15. And, as they prepare to make their live debut in Liverpool next week (March 20), Benson admits they’re feeling the pressure.

He told Rolling Stone: “The other day Patrick had a dream that the band was like Big Star,” says Benson. “I was like, ‘Cool!’ And he says, ‘No, the record failed and we played three shows and that was the end of it.’ Everyone is pretty excited, but we feel the pressure – like, ‘Oh, shit, this better be good.'”

White, just back from a tour of Japan with The White Stripes, himself added that the band is his top priority for the remainder of 2006. “This year, The Raconteurs is definitely what I’m interested in doing,” he said.

‘Broken Boy Soldiers’ will be preceded by the full release of ‘Steady, As She Goes’ on April 24. The track originally appeared on a limited 7” single at the end of January along with album track ‘Store Bought Bones’.

The tracklisting for ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’ is:

‘Steady, As She Goes’


‘Broken Boy Soldier’

‘Intimate Secretary’



‘Store Bought Bones’

‘Yellow Sun’

‘Call It A Day’

‘Blue Veins’