The Rakes look to Asian rapper for second album

Alan Donohoe explains story- based LP

The Rakes have roped in an unknown Asian rapper to help finish their second album.

Singer Alan Donohoe has teamed up with Raxstar, who he found on MySpace, and a singer called Laura Marling for ‘Ten New Messages’‘ standout track ‘Suspicious Eyes’.

He said: “It’s four different characters on a Tube, just trying to summarise their internal monologues. It was written after the 7/7 Tube bombings, but it’s more just about the thoughts that go through people’s heads.


“My character is just hungover on the way to work; there’s a woman with her kid, and a young Asian guy who everyone’s looking at. It’s a delicate subject matter so I wanted to get an authentic point of view from Raxstar.”

‘Ten New Messages’ is due out in March.