The Rakes ‘explode’ on stage

Band overcome adversity with help from Talking Heads

The Rakes played an incident-packed one-off gig in front of an intimate crowd in London on Saturday (March 17).

The show was put on to mark today’s (March 19) release of the band’s second album ‘Ten New Messages’.

Around 150 fans of the band were invited to take part in a text message-based treasure hunt, which eventually led to The Social in Little Portland Street where they were treated to a storming 75-minute set that included new single ‘We Danced Together’, tracks from the new LP plus a peppering of live favourites.


Bolstered by “Fifth Rake”, keyboardist Ethan Dickens, the band squeezed onto the tiny stage only to be halted after four songs when guitarist Matt Swinnerton’s amp blew up.

While a replacement was located, singer Alan Donohoe kept the crowd entertained with an impromptu karaoke sing-a-long version of Talking Heads’ classic ‘Once In A Lifetime’.

In keeping with their image of being partial to a drink or three, even when Swinnerton’s amp had been swapped, the band had to call bassist Jamie Hornsmith back from the bar, which he duly did, grasping as many bottles of beer as he could hold.

The setlist was

‘On A Mission’



‘We Danced Together’

‘We Are All Animals’

‘Down With Moonlight’

‘When Tom Cruise Cries’

‘Binary Love’

‘All Too Human’

‘Suspicious Eyes’


’22 Grand Job’



‘Little Superstitions’

‘Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep)’

‘Open Book’

‘The World Was A Mess But His Hair Was Perfect’