The band aim to reshape the sound of London on the highly anticipated record...

THE RAKES are set to follow in the footsteps ofBLOC PARTY in reshaping the sound of LONDON when they release their eagerly anticipated debut album ‘ELECTRIC FIRE’.

The London-based band, who aim to release the LP this summer, are currently holed up in London’s Eastcote studios laying down around 16 tracks of “post-art punk”.

Singer Alan Donohoe told NME.COM that those expecting a representation of the band’s adrenaline fuelled live gigs may be surprised when the record emerges.


He said: “We have a lot of energy when we play live so it can get a little shambolic. That isn’t how I want the album to sound at all. We don’t want a punk record. We don’t really think we’re that punk.”

Bassist Jamie Hornsmith added: “It’s going to be quite the opposite to the sound that Libertines album was – quite messy we want to go for a real clean, regimented sound.”

Despite the anticipation surrounding the release of The Rakes’ debut album, the band remain unfazed by the expectation.

“We had criteria before people started paying attention to us,” Donohoe said. “So it’s pretty much got the same personal standards that we’ve always had, but now there are more people observing it compared with when we were just playing to our mums!”

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