Influential indie label closes its doors

Gold Standard Laboratories shuts down

The label that released early recordings by the likes of The Rapture, !!! and The Faint has closed its door.

The Gold Standard Laboratories has shut its doors after 14 years, according to a statement on their website.

It reads: “The experimental attitude and artistic freewheeling of times past are simply no longer sustainable. Rather than compromise our goals and beliefs, or allow our course to be charted by financial constraint and an industry in flux, we’ve decided the time has come for GSL to cease releasing new music, and to close this chapter of our story.

“We’ve spent the better part of the past year considering this decision. The recent passing of Factory Records‘ founder Tony Wilson, whose singular example and influence on GSL cannot be understated, came as something of a cosmic reinforcement of our instinctual belief that GSL‘s time has come and gone.”

“In the meantime, most of our back catalog will continue to be available both physically and online; from now on mailorder will be in the hands of Redeye Distribution/”