The Rapture team up with Danger Mouse

The producer starts work on their second album

The Rapture have revealed that they are currently hard at work in the studio with producer Danger Mouse on their “brighter” second album.

Due out later this summer, the New York band are working on the follow-up to their 2003 breakthrough ‘Echoes’ in Los Angeles.

Danger Mouse is definitely the most far-out thing we’ve done,” said singer Luke Jenner. “This is the closest to a collaboration we’ve done – and it’s definitely not a traditional approach.”


He added: “He just treats us like samples. Instead of me going in and playing a guitar part – he’ll take a little loop of it and use it to sound like something’s exploding. It doesn’t even sound like a guitar after he’s done with it sometimes. That’s new for us.”

Speaking about the sound of the new record, drummer Vito Roccoforte told Rolling Stone: “The early demos we’ve played for people, they’ve said it’s a little more ‘like sunshine’. You know, a little brighter. Because of the headspace we were in.”

“People thought that the songs were really dark the last time around, but I don’t think anyone would walk away thinking that now,” bassist Matt Safer added: “We wanted to do more of a fun, upbeat thing – as cheesy as that sounds.”

Following two years of extensively touring ‘Echoes’, The Rapture took a break and after several months began rehearsing in New York.

Writing around thirty songs in six months, the band then played a series of low-key gigs to test the new material.

Jenner explained: “You sit around in the studio wondering if people are going to like it, and then you play it for people and you know right away. They can’t fake it. It’s really obvious. So we spent two months making the record, but a year getting ready to make it.”


Song and album titles are yet to be revealed, though Safer said: “We thought about ‘Taco Party’ for a while. In LA, we’ve all had at least a taco or burrito a day.”

Meanwhile, Danger Mouse and hip-hop star Cee-lo – under the guise of Gnarls Barkley – made chart history yesterday (April 2) as their single ‘Crazy’ became the first to go to number one on download sales alone.

The duo sold 31,703 digital downloads last week, knocking chart-topper Ne-Yo down to number two. It was the first time a song not available in the shops has managed the feat.