The Rapture’s Luke Jenner: ‘Family problems forced me to quit the band’

But singer returned to finish the band's new album 'In The Grace Of Your Love'

The Rapture‘s frontman Luke Jenner has said that he quit the band halfway through recording their latest album ‘In The Grace Of Your Love’.

The stress of family problems led to his decision to leave, only to return three months later to complete the sessions with bandmates Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi.

The frontman told The Sun:

My mum had been really mentally ill for a long time, then she took her own life. I had recently become a father as well and I couldn’t fake it any more… I tried really hard for a few years to pretend everything was alright, but it wasn’t.


Roccoforte and Andruzzi continued working on the record in his absence, and took him back when he was ready to return.

Roccoforte said:

When he quit it was heartbreaking for me… so in deciding to take him back the only way I was going to be able to work with him was to forgive him completely, and to start over anew.

The album was released last month, and the band are coming to the UK for a tour starting in Bristol on October 27.