The Raveonettes return to the stage

Duo play their first show for six months

The Raveonettes played their first live show in over six months last night (December 6) at the ultra-exclusive nightclub B.E.D. in New York City.

Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner took to the stage to play a brief eight-song acoustic set featuring a new track called ‘Dead Sound’ and a cover of the classic Joy Division single ‘She’s Lost Control’ – both of which were ably assisted by NME.COM’s Hardeep Phull, who filled in on bass for the band.

Speaking to NME.COM, Sune Rose Wagner revealed that the band were sitting on a wealth of “beautiful and voluptuous” new material and that their as-yet-untitled third album proper was due for release in the summer of next year.

He also explained that their Myspace site will continue to be a testing ground for their newest songs over the coming months.

He admitted: “I’m gonna keep posting new material on the site when I can in the time leading up to the album’s release but we are also asking our fans to suggest more cover versions for us to do. That’s where we got the idea to do ‘She’s Lost Control’ and we’re planning do a different one every month from now on.”

The Raveonettes played:


‘Heartbreak Stroll’

‘Red Tan’

‘Love Can Destroy Everything’

‘Love In A Trashcan’

‘The Christmas Song’

‘She’s Lost Control’

‘Dead Sound’

–By our New York staff.

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