The Raveonettes to go on ‘electric duo’ tour

The band get back to basics

Hot off the heels of a sold-out tour of the US east coast, The Raveonettes have revealed a fresh batch of “electric duo” dates across the west coast exclusively to NME.COM.

The band spoke about the reasons behind their decision to play as a stripped-down two-piece instead of the usual band line-up.

“To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed touring too much in the last year or so,” explained frontman Sune Rose Wagner. “It was starting to feel too much like a job and we never remembered any of the shows because we’d be too drunk or whatever. I know it sounds corny but we wanted to get back to our roots a little – just me and Sharin (Foo), doing everything ourselves and playing what we wanted instead of what we felt like we should play. I think because of that, we had the best time we’ve had on the road for a while.”

The recent glut of shows – which ended last Friday (March 16) in Washington DC – regularly featured new songs ‘Dead Sound’ and ‘I Know You Want The Candy’ as well as covers of tunes by The Gun Club and Sonic Youth, but Wagner explained that there may well be further additions and surprises in store.

He said: “The album should be just about done by the summer so there will be more new songs to choose from by then. We had fun doing covers and B-sides too so we’ll probably throw in some different ones for the west coast tour.”

The new dates are:

Los Angeles Spaceland, CA (June 1)

San Francisco Café Du Nord, CA (2)

Portland Doug Fir Lounge, OR (4)

Seattle The Triple Door, WA (5)

Costa Mesa The Detroit Bar, CA (7)

Los Angeles Echo, CA (8)

San Diego The Casbah, CA (9)

Prior to this tour, the pair also venture into Canada for the following gigs, as previously reported.

Edmonton New City Likwid Lounge, ALB (April 26)

Calgary Broken City, ALB (April 27)

–By our New York staff.

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