The band ignore the hot weather to pen their festive ditty...

Despite the record breaking summer sun, The Raveonettes are already looking forward to winter – and are planning to release a special Christmas single titled ‘THE CHRISTMAS SONG’.

The band took a break from the recent hot weather to go into the studio and prepare their festive material.

“It has a very girl group sound, similar to the Phil Spector Christmas album,” guitarist and singer Sune Rose Wagner told NME.COM. “There’s going to be lots of sleigh bells on it and there isn’t any white noise this time. It’s a very nice little song.”

Bassist and singer Sharin Foo added: “It sounds very nice and Christmassy but it also has that little bit of an edge to it as well.”

‘The Christmas Song’ isn’t likely to be the last seasonal offering from the band, as Wagner is now inspired to write more songs in the festive spirit.

He admitted: “I love Christmas – this is my first Christmas song and it turned out really well. I am thinking about doing more – maybe I’ll put out a whole Christmas album next year.”

The band’s album, ‘Chain Gang Of Love’ is released on August 25 via Columbia. A single, ‘That Great Love Sound’, was released on Monday (August 18).