The Raveonettes to release exclusive b-sides and rarities compilation

The 27 track 'Rarities/B-Sides' will be limited to 1000 copies

The Raveonettes are set to release an exclusive, fans only compilation, ‘Rarities/B-Sides’, on December 15.

Made up of 27 tracks, the album will be limited to 500 CD and 500 vinyl copies. The songs featured on the album include outtakes from their first release ‘Whip It On’ as well as their first three albums, ‘Chain Gang Of Love’, ‘Pretty In Black’ and ‘Lust, Lust, Lust’.

“When you’re making an album, time and space are restricted,” explains Sune Rose Wagner from the band of the record. “You only have so many songs you can put on an album and sometimes you have to go with your gut feelings. Over time, those feelings change so when I look back at these songs, I can’t believe that we left some of them off the albums.”


The ‘Rarities/B-Sides’ tracklisting is:

‘Signals Changed’
‘Experiment In Black’
‘Evil L.A. Girls’
‘Go Girl Go’
‘Demon’s Fire’
‘Wanna Dance’
‘Rebel Invasion’
‘Get Lost’
‘I Get Sick’
‘The Christmas Song’
‘Vamp, Scratch, Whore’
‘I Wanna Be Taken’
‘Oh, The Time’
‘Go On And Kiss Me’
‘Black Wave’
‘Be My Sunshine’
‘Railroad Tracks’
‘Dreams Come True’
‘Please You’
‘And Lovers Came’
‘Love On Barbed Wire’
‘Another Noise 9.14.11’
‘The Landlord’
‘Forever In Your Arms’
‘Where Hearts Are Dead’
‘Honey, I Never Had You’