The Regrettes announce full details of new album ‘Further Joy’

They've also shared new track 'That’s What Makes Me Love You'

The Regrettes have shared full details of their new album ‘Further Joy’ – listen to new track ‘That’s What Makes Me Love You’ below.

The title of the four-piece band’s new album was revealed last year, and has so far been previewed by previous single ‘Monday’ and recent single ‘You’re So Fucking Pretty’. It will follow the band’s 2019 album ‘How Do You Love?’.

According to vocalist Lydia Night, the title ‘Further Joy’ “summarised what it meant to be on the hamster wheel of constantly chasing happiness, but in turn, that’s what makes you unhappy. I was stuck in a loop of wanting to be better, wanting to be good, and therefore I couldn’t be here.”


‘Further Joy’ will be released on April 8 via Warner. Check out ‘That’s What Makes Me Love You’ alongside the album’s artwork and tracklist below.

1. ‘Anxieties (Out of Time)’
2. ‘Monday’
3. ‘That’s What Makes Me Love You’
4. ‘Barely on My Mind’
5. ‘Subtleties (Never Giving Up On You)’
6. ‘La Di Da’
7. ‘Homesick’
8. ‘Better Now’
9. ‘Rosy’
10. ‘You’re So Fucking Pretty’
11. ‘Step 9’
12. ‘Nowhere’
13. ‘Show Me You Want Me’

The Regrettes

In a recent interview with NME, Night explained how the band’s third album “feels free”. “Sure, it’s the ‘poppiest’ and ‘danciest’ album we’ve ever made but it’s also the most experimental, the weirdest and the most vulnerable,” she said.


“Our first album [2017’s ‘Feel Your Feelings, Fool’] was about having fun in high school, and the surface-level relationships that came from that. The second [2019’s ‘How Do You Love?’] followed this storyline of a downfall of a relationship, but this album – it’s all about me.”

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